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Membership is your opportunity to help shape the collection, and support cutting-edge artists. Learn about collecting new forms of contemporary art, vote on acquisitions, and access the collection in your own home.



At this level of giving, you will be named on our website and exhibitions, and get access to all our salons and events. You are invited to private events, you have a vote in each salon we host this year (NYC and beyond), and you get access to the works at home.

Participate in our Salons

Salon Patron – $1000

Two seats at our exclusive dinner with the curator and salon artists, named supporter for this round of acquisitions on our website and in exhibitions, a vote on works for the collection, and access to the works at home.

Salon Contributor – $250

Access to the kickoff party, and an invitation to the salon discussion with our curator, a vote on the collection, and access to the works at home.

Salon Supporter – $50

Attend our private opening reception for the salon

Kickstarting the Collection in 2019

The Current will run our museum acquisitions through a series of ongoing Kickstarter Campaigns in 2019. In addition to our core members, we’re growing an expanded community of support for global salon events.

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LOCALHOST – $25K + Venue

Fund an entire round of acquisitions for the collection and host our next salon in your city. Whether you’re a startup or organization looking to offer a unique and mission-driven cultural opportunity to employees, or a patron interested in seeing The Current’s collection grow, our ‘Localhost’ sponsorship level is a unique opportunity to set the theme for a salon and get behind-the-scenes access to the curator, artists and artworks.
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  • "Technology isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and in the art world, like in the rest of the world, it is actually urgent to engage with it in a meaningful way. Preserving and collecting digitally based art means the artists involved can continue making progress."

    Myriam Vanneschi Collector
  • "Museums as we’ve known them are a mismatch for the artifacts of 21st century culture, which are increasingly virtual, ephemeral and elusive. I see The Current as a critical exploratory effort by which we can discover a new model for the experience of human artistic creation."

    Neil Redding Committee Member
  • "The Current has fundamentally redefined my relationship to digital art and its power to shape discourse and community."

    Mark Kizelshteyn Committee Member