The Current’s collection is your collection.

Our cooperative collection committee members are shaping a collection of challenging media artworks. Many of the pieces can be viewed online, but might not be properly preserved without The Current’s commitment to conservation.

Side (2017)Snow Yunxue Fu
Premium Connect (2017)Tabita Rezaire
Family Maker (2018)Ryan Kuo
Fardaous Funjab (2015/2016)Meriem Bennani
ID (2015)LaTurbo Avedon
Aquaphobia VR (2017)Jakob Kudusk Steensen
itwillneverbethesame.comRafaël Rozendaal
Warp (2000)Steina Vasulka
South Ivan Human Heads: Bearded River God, Dead Drop (2018)Morehshin Allahyari

Conditions for Acquisition

  • We collect variable media artworks that can exist entirely on an electronic storage carrier (the work, required physical components, and any parameters*)
  • The work offers a critical inquiry into technology’s effect on the human condition
  • The Artist is living – we aim to collect across pioneers, emerging market artists, and early career artists

*Such as artist intent, instructions, equipment specifications, production guidelines, scores, codebase, project files, etc.

Guiding Principles

  • The Current collects challenging variable media work
  • The collection is flexible to exist across instantiations, without reliance on physical artifacts
  • Our commitment to conservation aims to maintain these works
  • We are supported by a network of people helping us experiment with access and care of the works, in collaboration with our artists.
  • Artists we collect are invited as members of The Current to help shape the collection