Collect art that explores how technology shapes the human condition.

We seek boundary-pushing media artworks — from emerging artists as well as established pioneers — to present in thematic salon exhibitions.

We invite artists, technologists, curators, writers, and other members of the creative community to come get acquainted with the pieces, discuss their significance, and vote on acquisitions, which we conserve and preserve. The museum opens up access by giving our members in-home access to our collection.

Unlike young patron programs at traditional museums, you directly inform what we collect. You’re an important part of capturing this moment and preserving it for posterity.



The Current // Truth

Curated by Tina Rivers Ryan – Read the Salon Statement

Constant Dullaart, Ja’Tovia Gary, Michael Mandiberg, Eva and Franco Mattes, belit sağ, Thomson & Craighead, UBERMORGEN, Clement Valla, Addie Wagenknecht

Featured Artwork: Clement Valla ‘Postcards from Google Earth‘ (2011-Ongoing) Website/Archive Artwork

Friday, September 14th from 6-10PM

Private salon and tour with the curator, for our members of our cooperative collection committee.